County Clerk

The County Clerk Land Records Office that was located on the First Floor of the Courthouse (100 W Washington St.) has moved to the new Annex III Building located at 222 E. College Street.  

Civil and Criminal Misdemeanor is located in the Donald R. Jones Justice Center located at 298 S. Graham St.

Donald R. Jones Justice Center Security Protocols:
Since the Texas Legislature enacted the Courthouse Security Act of 2017, the public shall only enter the building through the main entrance, 298 S. Graham St., located at the intersection of S. Graham and W. McNeill. After entering, visitors must pass through a metal detector and all bags, purses, and miscellaneous affects shall be searched.

Duties & Responsibilities

View the duties and responsibilities of the County Clerk from the Texas Association of Counties.

Please do not ask Clerks for legal advice. Unauthorized Practice of Law - Government Code, Sec. 81.101: Clerks cannot give advice or the rendering of any service requiring the use of legal skill or knowledge, such as preparing an instrument.

County Clerk Filing Fees

Required Permits

Erath County does not have any zoning requirements or issue building permits for business or residential construction.  If your property is located in a municipality or it’s ETJ you need to contact the City for their requirements. 

Erath County does require the registration and permit for water wells. It is done through the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, located at 930 N. Wolfe Nursery Road, Stephenville.  254-965-6705 

Erath County requires the permitting and inspection for all septic systems. This is done through the Erath County Environmental Health Department, located at the Erath County Courthouse, 100 W. Washington, Stephenville. Initial contact must be made prior to any work beginning conducted. They also investigate complaints related to failing or improperly maintained septic systems. 254-965-1488 

Information regarding flood zones can be found in the Erath County Judges Office, 100 W. Washington, Stephenville. 254-965-1452