Open Records Request

Effective 07/23/2021
Re: Changes to Open Records Request Pricing and Payment Methods

Erath County Sheriff's Office has updated our Open Records Request Policy to reflect the pricing set forth by the Office of the Attorney General. Going forward, our prices will be determined by the Public Information Cost Estimate Model available on the Office of the Attorney General's website This ensures that our cost estimates comply with section 552.2615 of the Public Information Act.

In addition, pursuant to section 552.2615 of the Public Information Act (the PIA), chapter 552 of the Government Code which states that if a request for information under the PIA will result in charges of more than $40 that a governmental body must send a cost estimate to the requestor before doing any work on the request, Erath County Sheriff's Office will make available a cost estimate determined by the Public Information Cost Estimate Model to the requester of which half must be paid in advance of fulfilling the request.

Erath County Sheriff's Office can no longer accept cash for an Open Records Request. We can only accept a Money Order or a Cashier's Check for the exact amount set forth in the Public Information Cost Estimate Model.

Read through the following policies regarding requesting open records:

  • All open records requests are released on a case-by-case basis, according to the Public Information Act. Each open records request is processed in order of receipt.

  • All information considered to be public, including basic information, will be released within 10 days from the date of receipt of the request.

  • By law, the Sheriff’s Office has 10 days to respond or release the information which is sought.

  • Within that 10-day period, we will contact you when and if your records are ready for release and inform you of all costs associated with your open records request.

  • Any information to be withheld will be forwarded to the Texas Office of the Attorney General for a ruling. The Attorney General’s Office has up to a 90-day response time, which can be extended for larger or voluminous requests. When a final ruling notice has been received by the Sheriff’s Office, we have 15 days to release the information ordered by the Attorney General. When a final ruling is made, you will be contacted and provided with a ruling letter.

  • You will be informed of all correspondence between the Sheriff’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office pertaining to your open records request.

  • The Sheriff’s Office does not decipher which information is to be released or withheld.

  • The Attorney General’s Office makes the ruling which is final. All rulings are based upon Texas Law set forth by Texas Legislature.

Please fill out an Online Open Records Request Form to expedite processing.