In accordance with GA-34 issued March 2, 2021, the Erath County Jail is instating the following guidelines so that we can begin allowing in-person visitation.

  1. Visitors will have to call the jail and schedule a time for visitation. Times are determined on a first come, first serve basis. If the visitors do not show up, it still counts as a visit for the inmate. If there is available time later visitors can reschedule but due to the work load of officers and the amount of inmates needing visits, it can't be guaranteed that the time will be made up.

  2. Each inmate will receive two (2) visits per week, Monday through Sunday, with at least one (1) being on the weekend. Each visit is twenty (20) minutes. Inmates and/or visitors can request one visit for forty (40) minutes but it has to be made at the time of scheduling.

  3. All visitors must be disclosed at the time of scheduling and must have a valid government issued identification. At no time will children be unattended and if children leave the assigned visitation area/seating, the visitation will be terminated. Any misconduct or violation of the facility rules may result in disciplinary action.

  4. All visitors will wear masks, exceptions will only be made based on CDC guidelines.

  5. Visitors are required to arrive ten minutes prior to their scheduled visit to sign in. No food, drink, candy, purses, bags or any carrying device is allowed in the visitation area. No phones or electronic items will be allowed. Hand sanitizer will be at the lobby window and all visitors will be required to sanitize their hands upon entry to the visitation area.

  6. Officers will disinfect the visitation area after the conclusion of the visit and there will at least be a thirty (30) minute separation between visits. This will include alternating phone hall sides. 

  7. Due to only one inmate being pulled out at a time, there will be no restriction on whether male or female, or classification. Inmate will be required to wear their mask to visitation also.

  8. Visitation will be scheduled accordingly; Monday through Sunday, beginning at 7 am and ending at 9 pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday only twenty (20) minutes visits will be allowed, unless there are no scheduled visits, which officers will advise and can make an exception.

  9. The visitation schedule, days and times may change due to circumstances beyond the jail staff's control. Inmates will be notified if these changes occur.