Civil Information

Please Note that this office has moved across the street to the Donald R. Jones Justice Center located at 298 S. Graham St.

Donald R. Jones Justice Center Security Protocols:
Since the Texas Legislature enacted the Courthouse Security Act of 2017, the public shall only enter the building through the main entrance, 298 S. Graham St., located at the intersection of S. Graham and W. McNeill. After entering, visitors must pass through a metal detector and all bags, purses, and miscellaneous affects shall be searched.


$500.00 - $200,000.00
Civil cases do not deal with any criminal actions, but rather with disputes between private parties. A civil case can be defined as a personal action instituted to compel payment or the doing of some other thing. The end purpose of most civil cases is to obtain a judgment for money, but judgment is also sought to either compel or enjoin some action.

Civil Cases maintained in the County Clerk’s Office primarily deal with Bond Forfeitures on misdemeanor criminal cases, Application for Occupational Driver’s Licenses, and Civil Appeals from the Justice Court.  The County Clerk’s responsibilities include receiving e-filings for civil cases, preparing citations and notices, and maintaining records associated with cases filed before these courts.

  1. Civil Records

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