Tax Sales

Tax sales are held twice a year (one in the Spring and one in the Fall) by the following attorneys:

The following is important information regarding property offered at delinquent tax sales. You must carefully read this information and evaluate these facts in light of your anticipated use of the property.

Prior to the beginning of the tax sale, a person intending to bid is required to register with the person conducting the sale and present a valid Driver’s License or identification card issued by a State agency or the United States government. The grantee named in the deed must be the same person who was the successful bidder. (Section 34.015 Texas Tax Code.)

  1. The property will be sold at public auction and will be sold for cash to the highest bidder, based on oral bids. Successful bidders must pay for their property with cash or a cashier’s check. Personal checks will not be accepted. Any bidder who fails to make payment shall be held liable for twenty percent of the value of the property plus costs incurred as a result of the bidder’s default pursuant to Rule 652 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

  2. The amount of the opening bid is set out below each tract, and the bidding must start at that figure or higher, and sums less than the given figure cannot be accepted. The minimum bid amount includes taxes which were delinquent at the date of judgment. This does not include the current tax year. Purchasers will be required to pay all taxes which accrued subsequent to the date of judgment.

  3. Purchasers at this tax foreclosure sale will receive an ordinary type of Sheriff’s Deed which is WITHOUT WARRANTY, express or implied. Title to property is NOT guaranteed. A policy of title insurance may be difficult to obtain.

  4. All property purchased at this sale is subject to a statutory right of redemption. This redemption period commences to run from the date the purchaser’s deed is filed for record in the deed records. There is a two year right of redemption for homestead property and property appraised as agricultural land. There is a 180 day right of redemption for all other property. Purchasers have a right of possession beginning twenty days after the purchaser’s deed is filed in the deed records (Sec. 33.51 Tax Code).

  5. Anyone having an ownership interest in the property at the time of the sale may redeem the property from the purchaser during the redemption period. The redemption price is set by the Texas Tax Code as follows: purchase amount, deed recording fee, taxes paid by purchaser after the tax sale, and costs expended on the property, plus a redemption premium of 25 percent of the aggregate total during the first year or 50 percent of the aggregate total during the second year. “Costs” are only the reasonable expenses incurred by the purchaser for the maintenance, preservation and safekeeping of the property. Do NOT make unnecessary repairs or renovations during the redemption period.

  6. Property is sold by legal description. Bidders must satisfy themselves concerning the location and condition of the property on the ground, including the existence of improvements on the property, prior to this tax sale. Property is sold “AS IS” with all faults. All sales are final. There are no refunds. Deeds, maps and plats of the properties are in the County Clerk’s office or the Appraisal District. Lawsuit files on which this sale is based are in the office of the District Clerk. Any property address reflected on the bid sheet is the address on the tax records and may not be accurate.

  7. Property purchased at this tax sale may be subject to liens for demolition, mowing, or maintenance fees due to the City or Property Owners Association in which the property is located.

  8. In certain counties, a person purchasing property at the tax sale may be required to present to the officer conducting the tax sale a written statement from the County Tax Assessor-Collector that the purchaser does not owe any delinquent taxes to the County or any school district or city in the County. A purchaser will NOT receive a deed to the property purchased at the tax sale until the written statement is presented to the officer. (Section 34.015 Texas Tax Code.). Contact the county tax office to determine if this requirement is applicable.

Subject properties may be withdrawn from the sale at any time prior to the sale, or at the sale, without notification to prospective purchasers.