Burial Transit Permits

A burial transit permit is needed whenever a body is transported over county lines by a common carrier. This happens for burials and cremations outside of Erath County (HSC 193008, 25 TAC 181.2, 181.3). A BTP is not require if the body is being transported by other means. A Report of Death form is sufficient. 

Erath County does not have a crematory. All decedents who will be cremated will have to have a burial transit permit. If the cause of death is listed as natural and the doctor/certifier has signed the document, then the funeral homes can obtain the BTP from the state. If the cause of death is pending, the BTP must be issued by the County Clerk’s Office.

The Erath County Clerk’s Office must have a completed Facts of Death sheet in hand before issuing a BTP. If the death occurred less than 48 hours before the request for the BTP, then there must also be an authorization to cremate from a medical examiner, justice of the peace, or court order (TAC 205.7). 

For funeral homes that need after-hours emergency permits, call the Sheriff’s Dispatch Office at 254-965-3318 (HSC 191.022(c)).  Give the Dispatch Office your contact information and they will contact the County Clerk . The Erath County Clerk will then contact you directly. All other BTP will be issued during normal business hours.